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About us...
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Retailware is developed by experienced POS I.T professionals, who aim to provide much effective solution to the market, in response to what truly need in handling retail and food businesses. Retailware is powered by a company named "PartnerSolutions, Co." who was started since 2008 with its first client, who happened to be a huge supermarket that consist almost 200 terminals. After our first success,  our company began to get more clients and repeat its successes. Now, retailware has been used nationwide with hundreds of stable installations.


PartnerSolutions Co. provides only quality solutions to our clients that is fully integrated affordable and easy to use, we are always on the go, making sure in meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations. We analyze so that we can effectively address the concerns of our clients, we design and we developed to innovate your business into success. Our clients consist of supermarkets, pharmacies, cosmetics, groceries, toy store, apparels, meat shops, hardware’s and other related businesses.

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